Timothy Van de Laar, better known as Timmy Lazer, is a visual artist who blurs the boundaries between reality and imagination.
His work, a dynamic fusion of various materials from pencil to epoxy, invites the viewer on a journey of discovery through parallel realities. Through his work, Lazer offers a window into the complexity of the world, inviting the viewer to engage with his narrative and experience the diversity of his imagination.

His most recent project, 'De Verbeeldenaar" (The Imaginer), is not just a book, but a carefully compiled collection of drawings and texts.
This project invites the reader to discover new perspectives.
This visual work symbolizes Lazer's ongoing artistic evolution and his pursuit of creative boundary-pushing.
Lazer's philosophy revolves around evoking wonder and continuously challenging the imagination.
His art, serving as a gateway to parallel worlds, combines the familiar with the unknown into intriguing visual experiences.
Each piece is a message that sketches a path through the subconscious from the depths.