Lives & works in Antwerp

Timmy Lazer can be found in the population register as Timothy Van de Laar. It is an idiosyncratic artist who allows himself to be led by coincidence and those who cross his path.



He was co-founder of the underground collective CrankNozem that made a stir between 2010 and 2013 with a magazine of the same name.



In coöperation with Daan Verzele he made many a gallery unsafe as half of the Flemish artist collective Danny and Timmy who did research into the image of artistry.



Together with Johny Starrdust he is also the spiritual father of the ideological animation cycle Handi Kwak, which tells about a duck that is merely confronted with disappointment.



With Tom Poelmans he made a series of drawings that were bundled in the publication, REAL ORIG ¥ NAL € XTRA PROFESSIONAL DRAWING $ UPERSTARS. This collection investigated the tension between the method of working with the artists.



He is currently working in his studio on a series of abstract sculptures where the pictorial narrative prevails.




2013     Master Degree Arts    Sint-Lucas, Antwerp